IFS Applications Information System

Quickly, smoothly and with care and consideration we will implement in your company a clear and intuitive information system. We use IFS applications because it is able to flexibly adapt to your needs. By means of its modules it covers everything that your company needs. It has already proved its quality for project management in over 2000 companies.


How has it proved itself to be effective?

  • It has a user friendly and intuitive interface
  • It makes logistics and service processes more effective
  • It enables companies to improve customer services
  • It makes planning of resources easier
  • It makes strategic decisions quicker
  • As you expand we will are able to adapt it flexibly

Don´t make your life more complicated and leave your problems with us

Swedish ERP system IFS APPLICATIONS is used by companies in 50 countries

Here in the Czech Republic this system was chosen by many companies such as Vitkovice Steel or YSoft. Throughout the, for example William Grant & Sons, distillers of the world renowned whisky along with Emirates Airline, MAERSK logistic group and many other industry leaders. For the needs of your company we will adjust and adapt it to the very last detail.

You will have an overview of…

  • projects and project production
  • your supplier chain
  • services you use and provide
  • the capital of the company
  • finance and invoices
  • management of business relations with customers
  • human resources and salaries

Make use of this opportunity and prepare for the future

The digital world is full of emerging business opportunities – but only for those who are sufficiently agile and able to exploit the right moment. IFS offer:

  • Vision enabling you to plan changes and to interconnect your business strategy and growth ambitions with the main technology investments.
  • Deep organizational knowledge which will enable you to exactly know what is going on within all your company.
  • Furthermore the flexibility thanks to which you will be able to take quick measures when an unexpected situation occurs.


For the Tomra Company we secure mainly services concerning adjustments of the IFS Applications information system. Read how together with our partner we have been working on the development of a central information system to a level which will support the Company in retaining its position in the market.


Case study

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